Hello & Goodbye Covid-19
International Illustration Competition
2020. 9. 11 – 25
Virtual Gallery
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Version: 1.3.2 (September 15, 2020)

Hello & Goodbye Covid-19

The Korean greeting ‘An-young’ is mysterious. It means ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ at the same time. ‘Hello & Goodbye COVID-19’ is an awards and exhibition containing the panicked landscape of life in the Covid Pandemic Era, in which an unexpected meeting and farewell to an entity is desired, but companionship is inevitable. In the two illustrations expressing the Coronavirus, the landscapes of life that have completely changed before and after the appearance of the Coronavirus are compressed, and ironically, the anxiety and hope of the current human civilization are contained. The exhibition will be held from September 11 to 25, 2020 at the Ryse Hotel and at the Virtual Gallery of Tissue Office.
Visit the Virtual Gallery

This virtual gallery is built by Tissue Office in the digital environment for the 《Hello & Goodbye Covid-19 International Illustration Competition》. Visitors can download the virtual gallery on their PC and can view the exhibition online. In this gallery, visitors will walk through a space of three different floors to appreciate the selected illustrations or share reviews(criticism) with others. Enjoy the artworks with the prepared hand sanitizers in the exhibition space and don't hesitate to leave your thoughts with a little stone called 'Review Stone'.
How to Experience the Gallery

Appreciating the artworks: Check out the hand sanitizers to see the illustrations. The red bottles correspond to the work of the before Covid-19, and the blue bottles to the after Covid-19. On the upper right corner of the screen, you can see the number of works installed on the current floor and the number of works that you have already seen.

Review Stone: Press ‘Tab’ key to write a review. Written reviews will become ‘Review Stones’, and be dropped in front of you. Press ‘E’ key to see the review stones left by somebody else.

To the next floor: When you have finished viewing on each floor, find the ‘jump’ sign at the end of that floor and fall down to the next floor.